i-Wall for Ticketing and Info Point

i-Wall potential for ticketing and info points

  • Full integration with the company's tech ecosystem
  • Purchase and collection of tickets via i-Wall
  • Synergy between i-Wall and e-commerce/App to integrate orders or to benefit of online features
  • Ability to integrate more brand services
  • i-Wall as a digital signage device when idle


  • User can browse in complete autonomy
  • Increased customer satisfaction regarding service and timing
  • Reduced waiting time
  • Less staff operativity required
  • Sale of gadgets and merchandising

i-Wall can be placed in a dedicated area of the ticket office to meet the needs of customers looking for complete autonomy and a fast service, substantially decreasing the queues at the box office as a result.

The customer:

  • Buys via i-Wall

  • Pays via i-Wall

  • Collects the ticket
    or receives the e-ticket on his own device

  • Accesses the event independently


The i-Wall system can be integrated with any ERP system.

Schema infrastruttura


i-Wall and QR code

i-Wall + QR Code

i-Wall and RFID tag

i-Wall + RFID Tag

i-Wall and device

i-Wall + device