The technological solution blending online and offline experiences, all while optimizing operations for everyone.

The ideal Touchpoint
in an Omnichannel approach.

i-Wall is a software platform integrated with an exclusive touchscreen system to offer customers autonomy, wide choice and fast service.

  • Grants physical retail customers the perks of digital experience
  • Allows retailers to widen their range, expand their services and manage their business processes and corporate communication

A modular kiosk system with a clean, exclusive design, able to adapt to each project needs.

The device configuration allows to choose and combine its different components.

Componenti i-Wall
  • Wide touchscreen surface
  • Ticket printer
  • Receipt printer
  • A4 thermal printer
  • Barcode / QR reader
  • Magnetic card reader
  • POS
  • Front camera
  • Audio system
  • ...and much more

Wide configuration options on the amount of terminals

i-Wall standard monofacciale o bifacciale

Standard versionSingle or double-sided

i-Wall prisma bifacciale o trifacciale

Prism versionDouble or triple-sided

Installation and Accessibility



Reduced mobility

Sensory limitations

Customizable shell

A World of Possibilities

A modern software platform supporting business operations and objectives, according to the customer journey approach adopted by the company.

A flexible tool to support the process of:

  • Discovery

  • Research and Comparison

  • Purchase

  • Customer loyalty

Each feature offered by i-Wall system is developed with attention to user experience and respect for privacy.
Componenti i-Wall

i-Wall platform is also a cross-device real time communication system, offering a wide range of interaction possibilities.

Interazione dispositivi i-Wall
  • Interaction between totem and app on customer’s smartphone
  • Interaction between totem and virtual reality headsets (VR)
  • Augmented exposition (interaction between physical objects and i-Wall)
  • Proximity-based digital signage
  • Info Point / Support / Virtual Personal Shopper

Commercial benefits

  • Impulse purchase
  • Cross-selling
  • Just-in-time/daily deals on expiring or high-stock products
  • Sale of gadgets and merchandising
  • Reduced order times
  • Increased customer satisfaction regarding service and timing

Managerial benefits

  • Increase of average daily sales
  • Specialization of the sales staff
  • Waste reduction thanks to discounts on high-stock products
  • Increased sales thanks to cross-selling
  • Centralized management of the warehouse